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Hyphenated Surname as One Word

Question asked by ShirleyMB on Nov 11, 2012
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Hyphenated Surname as One Word


     I have a field called Individual, which has the full name of the person, e.g. Smith, John Henry. I made a filter field for the comma and the calculation to get the first names. Below is the right words calculation for the first name or names, which works perfectly. However, for the surname field, which is done by this calculation: LeftWords (Saint John Residents::Individual ; 1 ), I can't get a hyphenated surname, e.g. Smith-Jones. What appears is Smith.

     Right words calculation:


     If (comma filter = ","   ; Let ( [
     t =Individual;
     L = Length (t) ;
     p = Position ( t ; "," ; 1 ; 1)] ; Right ( t ; L - p )); "")