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I am missing a text command

Question asked by gregdc on Sep 5, 2014
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I am missing a text command


I have a new database.  One table has a field (imported data) that is LastName,FirstName.  In that same record there is a field (again imported data) that is FirstName_LastName.   I would like to write a calculated field that would compare these two fields and find out if they are the same person.  

I started to write an IF(Left(field1, xxxxx-1) = Right(field2, Lenght(field2)-yyyyy), "Match", "No Match").  Then I went looking for a way to calculate xxxxx and yyyyy, aka xxxxx = locate(field1, ",") and yyyyy = locate(field2, "_").   Locate would return the location of the "," or "_" in the field1 or field2 respectively.   But I can not seem to find any such command in FM13.     

What am I overlooking?  Or do I need to write two looping calculations to do this, then do the IF ???

Thanks again for the help,