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I am struggling with some basic issues

Question asked by JanetCatanese on Feb 5, 2012
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I am struggling with some basic issues


 I have just started using File Maker and am having a hard time, so please bear with me on some very fundamental issues. I have gone thru most of the tutorial and have printed out a lot of the documentation, but it is still not clicking. My database keeps trakck of short-term rental tenants in a vacation apartment

I have a field called "cleaning fee" . I set it up to always be $125. Except, if I stay in the unit, it should be left at 0. I jsut can't get the syntax of the conditional statement in the field definition correct.

am I even close?

Here is what I have tried. The # symbol is being used here as the "not equal to" sign

If (guest name # Janet)=125

thank you in advance.

If there any examples of simple calculated fields posted, I can look at them and figure this out as well.