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    I Can not print a readable file



      I Can not print a readable file


      Good mornign all,

      I ma not na expert with filemake pro, and my colleague are expériencing a issue.

      They are using Filemake Pro 11 on Windows Seven.

      They got a file and they have to print it (on a printer or a pdf print job). The file is written in french
      But on both case, the printed file is not readable. The letters are changed with scare. it look like a russian caracter (but it is not).

      Even if we print a to printer job, the result is the same.

      Do you have an idea, why and what can I change?

      Many thank for your help

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          What do you see in the PDF file if you use "save as PDF" to create a "PDF"?

          This might help us tell if your printer driver might be doing an undesirable font subsitution.

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            Hello Thank for your answer.

            The pdf structure is printing find, but only the caratcter is unreadable. it like like "Russian" caracter. To be sincerly, I do not know how to describe better.

            However, you pointed out a good point about the driver.

            I installed filemaker pro on my Window Seven (wirtualisation on a MAC) and it work fine. The difference is that my WS Seven is a 32bit. The PC of my colleagues is a Ws Seven 64bit.

            May I check if the driver is the correct one. I think so, but may be I should work around the driver of the printer

            But are you sure that the driver may cause the problem?

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              I'm not sure of anything, just pointing out one possible explanation. If your PDF file does not display unreadable characters when you open it on your monitor, then it's possible that your Printer is substituting a font for the one the FileMaker file is using. I'm not familiar with the details of Windows 7, but there should be a way to change this setting. If you can find and change it, your file may print with no additional trouble.

              You might also try changing the font being used in the FileMaker File to see if that makes a difference.

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                Yes thanks, I will explore thos solution but I think you lead my in a good direction