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I can´t see my tables in the import data menu!!!

Question asked by PabloToscano on Jul 5, 2010
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I can´t see my tables in the import data menu!!!


I created a database, which contains several tables and relationships, and whenever I needed to import information from other databases everything was fine, untill for ease of view reasons,  I deleted some presentations.

The presentations I deleted are the ones created automatically when I first created the tables and fields. After I deleted the presentations I made sure that my tables and fields, still were in the manage database/fields/relatioships menus, and started an up-grade of my database, added some fields and formulas etc. but when i tried to import the data from the copy y previously saved, I did not see (still don´t see them) the tables in the destiny and origin import data menu (I still see the tables and the fields, in the manage databse/fields/relationships menu) they are there as well as the fields information captured, but cannot import the data. Please any help will be very much appreciatted