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    I can´t use the web publishing



      I can´t use the web publishing




      I just buy my license for FileMaker Pro 10, and I want to use the instant web publishing. My problem is that I can see my DB in my computer, but when I try in another I can´t see it.

      I had change the port to 591, I had change the firewall to allow that port, but I still can see my DB.


      Please, if somebody can help me I´ll appreciate it!


      Thank you!

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          Soporte MMX:


          Thank you for your post.


          1. Launch FileMaker Pro 10 and open the database file you want to share via Instant Web Publishing.


          2. Pull down the File menu and select "Sharing -> Instant Web Publishing..."


          3. Turn on Instant Web Publishing.  Write down the IP address of your machine.


          4. In the lower left, select your database file, and then on the right side, set access to "All users".


          5. Launch a browser on the same machine and enter:

          http://<IP address>:591

          (since you changed the port to 591)


          Your file should be accessible.  If not, then double-check the port in "Sharing -> Instant Web Publishing..."


          6. Go to another machine, launch a browser and enter:

          http://<IP address of host machine>:591


          The Instant Web Publishing page should appear.  If not, then make sure your system security settings on the host machine allow for incoming connections.


          If you continue to have difficulty, let me know if you are running Macintosh or Windows, along with what version of the operating system.



          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Hi TSGal:


            Thank you very much for your reply, but I have bad news... I just can see my DB in another computer from my net, but if i try to bowser in from other computer I can´t.


            I already check everything you told me, the IP, the port 591, the firewall...


            My OS is Windows Vista, and my Antuvirus Norton360. I also allowed incoming conecttions en Norton for TCP and UDP, and doesn´t work!


            I don´t know what else I can do! 


            Thank you. 


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              Soporte MMX2:


              Thank you for the additional information.  This does help!


              It sounds like your network (not your computer) is not allowing others outside the network to see inside the network.  Check with your systems administrator to see if this is the case.


              Also, check with the system administrator to make sure you have a static IP address.  Often, IP addresses are only local for the network.  There is usually an additional cost for a static IP address.



              FileMaker, Inc. 

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                Hi TSGal:


                Thank you for your help. You were right, is the network that doesn´t allow others to see inside. I asked my administrator and he said I have to buy a Public IP, or host my DB in my server. I will do the last. But, does my server has to have the FileMaker license, or can I host my DB without problems there?


                I have to tell you that my webhosting is in Argentina, and I´m in Mexico, so we have no server in our office. Thank you again! (by the way I´m the same person that "Soporte MMX" but I cant enter to that account)!

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                  Soporte MMX2:


                  In order to host a file, the file must be open in either FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server.  Therefore, you need a license for the computer.


                  I have sent you a private message (top of this page - right side - X Messages) with information about your forum accounts.



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