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I don't get why it can't find and update records on import

Question asked by AndrewSauter on Jun 24, 2011
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I don't get why it can't find and update records on import


Ok, so I have one table with items we want to sell on our online shopping cart, this contains the items description and Manufacturer ID, we'll call this table_a. Then I have a table from the manufacturer that contains, manufacturere ID, price, weight, SKU, UPC, etc. I could never get the two tables to link together correctly so I just made a new table, called Table_C which I've imported just the Manfacturer ID from Table_A, (field type text, called man_id) and included all the fields I need from table_b (price, sku, etc.). I have tried to import table_b by choosing "Update records in matching set" however, it only updates 3 records out of what should be a 1000 matching records. 

Both fields named man_id in both tables are set to field type text. Everything in Table_A's man_id field exists in Table_B's man_id field. Like I can search for "product12345" in both tables and the product shows up. However, say I search Table_B for "product12345" and export just the one record. Then try to update table_c by matching the man_id of "product12345", it can't find it and will say 0 records were imported. I can similiar copy the man_id value from table_a, paste it into table_b, export the record, and try to import it into the new table, it still can't match and update table_c's record, even though the text is identical. 

I'm really not sure what to do at this point and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.