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I get the wrong average result

Question asked by JuanChamorro on Mar 7, 2015
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I get the wrong average result



I am an ESL teacher and I use FM to present the students with their term tests results but I can't get the final average result that I am supposed to.

I have number fields with the test results. These are in the body of the layout. Each test result has a skill field attached such as writing, reading, grammar... etc.

Then I have a sub-summary part for each skill with a summary field to get the average test results of each skill.

Finally I have another sub-summary part for each student. I want to get the skills average results of each student as distinct from the total test average result but I can't. I can only get the average test result and I can't get the average skill result.

Some students have pointed out to me that those to results are different. And since the average skill result has a higher value on their calculators they want me to use that calculation.

I have also tried with the GETSUMMARY fuction but I can't get to the result you get when do calculate the average of the skill results.

What am I doing wrong? Can you point me to the right direction?