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I Give Up: Omit/Find driving me crazy!!!!

Question asked by TonyTrevisonno on May 13, 2013
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I Give Up: Omit/Find driving me crazy!!!!


     So, here's the situation.....

      1. I have a table with 1000 records. Fields include PartNumber, FileExtension…

     2. I do a simple find in the PartNumber field for “123”.

     3. I get a found set of 90 records.

     4. Thirty records have FileExtension “IGS”, another thirty records have FileExtension “ASM”, and the final thirty records have FileExtension “PRT”.

     5. I am good until this point. Now it all falls apart for me…

     6. I want to “Omit” one of the FileExtensions from the found set – so I will end up with 60 records.

     7. I want to do this by having the user enter find mode, specify the extension in the FileExtension field, and then press a button to omit it from the found set.

     8. How do I do this. I am stumped. This has to be possible.

      Keep in mind, this is just one example. The idea is that the user can enter criteria in any field in find mode, press a button , and presto.

      Thanks in advance for any suggestions.