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    I Give Up: Omit/Find driving me crazy!!!!



      I Give Up: Omit/Find driving me crazy!!!!


           So, here's the situation.....

            1. I have a table with 1000 records. Fields include PartNumber, FileExtension…

           2. I do a simple find in the PartNumber field for “123”.

           3. I get a found set of 90 records.

           4. Thirty records have FileExtension “IGS”, another thirty records have FileExtension “ASM”, and the final thirty records have FileExtension “PRT”.

           5. I am good until this point. Now it all falls apart for me…

           6. I want to “Omit” one of the FileExtensions from the found set – so I will end up with 60 records.

           7. I want to do this by having the user enter find mode, specify the extension in the FileExtension field, and then press a button to omit it from the found set.

           8. How do I do this. I am stumped. This has to be possible.

            Keep in mind, this is just one example. The idea is that the user can enter criteria in any field in find mode, press a button , and presto.

            Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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               For complex finds, I do not recommend that you have the user enter criteria while in find mode. It usually makes for much simpler scripting if you have them enter the criteria into global fields while in browse mode and then the script enters find mode and uses the data in the global fields to set up the find request(s) needed to find the records that you want.

               Whether or not you set it up that way. The basic method is the same: Instead of Perform Find, the script needs to use Constrain found set with an omit request that specifies criteria for the records to be omitted from the found set.

               Using your approach, your script can pause in find mode and after the user clicks continue or pressed enter, the script can do this:

               Pause/Resume Script [Indefinitely]
               Omit Records---> this step makes it an omit request
               Constrain Found Set.

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                  Hey Phil,

                 I knew there was an easy answer. Works like a charm!!!