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    I have a FM file that won't print



      I have a FM file that won't print


      Using FM 9 on a Mac (10.5.8) 


      Tried this on several Macs with same result:

      I try to print from several layouts and I get a printer error and nothing prints.  What can I do?

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          Are these layouts all in the same file? If so, create a new file with a simple layout and try to print it. That'll tell you if there's a problem with the file.


          Are all your tests attempting to print using the same printer? If so, try  a different printer. That'll tell you if there's a problem between filemaker and that specific print driver.

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            Another possibility is font corruption. Try changing the font.

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              A printer directly connected to the computer has the fewest failure points.

              Printer is defective

              Test print from the printer on board menu can almost eliminate this possibility.

              The cable is defective.

              Another known good cable can help eliminate this possiblilty.

              The driver is incompatible with the operating system.

              Printing successfully from one or more other applications can eliminate this as a problem.

              Especially, if the operating has been updated or upgraded without driver compatiblity check.

              Downloading and installing a supposedly compatible driver can almost eliminate this possiblity.

              The queue for the printer is damaged.

              Deleting the queue and reinstigating a queue can almost always eliminate this as a problem.

              Damaged Fonts or damaged font caches are to blame

              Printing a simple document from a simple application with simple fonts can help run down this possibility.

              Print a simple simple simple with the font used in the problem document.

              The Application is the problem

              Make a new document, use common fonts, very simple, test print.

              If the simple test works, it is probably not the application.

              Try the problem document, if it fails, you may have a damaged document or a damaged document element.

              Dupe the doc in the OS, try the dupe, if no joy.

              Open the doc, make a new doc, copy and paste the contents fromt he bad doc to the new doc and test.


              You will note, we have descended from hardware to connections to drivers to applications to documents.