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I have a layout name "FBO Layout" when my IWP users (Explorer Windows 7

Question asked by TracyBogans on May 15, 2012
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I have a layout name "FBO Layout" when my IWP users (Explorer Windows 7 & Firefox for Windows) go to this layout and try to enter new record them get a  Bad URL error " Address not not Valid" screen from IE Explore...

When I login in from a Safari Browser(MAC Copmuter) with my IWP users they are able to complete the New Record request and I can go back and view this record no problems....... But when viewing this new record from any other Broswer (IE .. Firefox) it comes up as a Bad URL message)

From Firefox Browser (MAC comptuer) IWP users get a Alert screen that says "The URL is not valid and cannot be loaded"  but can still go thru and enter the record.. but when I go back to the record and browse the new record I entered I get  the same alert just for that record "The URL is not valid and cannot be loaded"

I tried renaming the Layout Page name, the table name, build a script to enter new records. still getting the same errors ... 

 Database lives on a FileMaker Pro 11 Advance Server .. using IWP


Tried this..... still getting same errors

Close the database on FMP 11 Server.

Copy the database to one of the client machines. Open. Save As Smaller.

Open smaller save database on client with IWP enabled and test that?

This may help to diagnose the problem as a database problem, server problem or browser cache issue.