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I have a problem field. HELP!

Question asked by DSM on Oct 12, 2009
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I have a problem field. HELP!


I have a table with a firstname field, a lastname field and a field that combines the two fields. firstnamelastname. At the moment the users manually enter the firstnamelastname field. I would prefer if this was a calculated field, however this field is used in a Value List and when I change it to a calculated field only a few of the records show up in the calculated field. Only 4 of the 82 records to be exact.


So, as I said, the users have been required to manually enter the firstnamelastname field, however.... when the users create records using Instant Web Publisher, the firstnamelastname field will not accept the input value. The users are able to enter data into the field, but when they click submit that one field remains empty. Any other field in the table can be updated with no problem, and if the users were to use the Filemaker Client they would have no problem updating the firstnamelastname field.


This does not make any sence to me at all. I have tried many things including changing indexing and I have checked the file permissions, although as I said the users can edit this field by using the client.


Please any suggestions... this just happens to be the most important field in this table.