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I have a working database, now I need to generate printable reports :)

Question asked by VeronicaDaigle on Jul 6, 2012
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I have a working database, now I need to generate printable reports :)


OK, so I have just finished all the data entry layouts for a fairly complex project database (YAY!), and now I need to figure out how to generate meaningful and organized printable reports. 

The most important of these is the daily project report, which is based on a data entry layout I have already created, however there are several portals on this layout that show subrecords for each daily report. For example, the user would enter a report each day (and each date must be unique), and part of that report he would generate a list of tasks completed each day on a separate but related table. The tasks are related to the daily report by their date and the portal shows the work location, work task, and a description of the work completed for each task that day. There are also similar portals for fuel deliveries, tracking soil use and tracking water use. The portals only show the most important information from these subrecords, and the description data may be bigger than the field itself. Now I am generating a second layout which should be very similar to the layout used for data entry, except I want to show the full data that is in the portals when it is printed. I don't think I can do this using the portals themselves since from what I have read on the forums, portals can't be told to expand based on the contents in their fields or the number of rows in the portal. Is there another way to show related data from multiple tables in a way that will print nicely or that is able to be exported to a pdf to be sent to clients? 

Generating the reports is a totally new aspect of Filemaker for me so sorry if this is a dumb question :)