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I have been pulling my Hair out over this seems to be so easy Calculation HELP!

Question asked by WadeSaxton on Jan 15, 2012
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I have been pulling my Hair out over this seems to be so easy Calculation HELP!


 Alright Here is what i have , I have a Layout that includes to following items


1) Billing Type                        2) Contract Amount                        3) Billing total

    Weekly                                    A Number                                    Answer= Contract Amount / 52

    Monthly                                   A Number                                    Answer= Contract Amount/12

    Quarterly                                 A Number                                    Answer= Contract Amount/4

    Semi - Anually                          A Number                                    Answer= Contract Amount/2

    Yearly                                      A Number                                    Answer= Contract Amount


Where Billing Type Is a single Drop Down selection box , Contract amount is a single a user input , and currenly i have 5 fields set up for the answers where i just have set up a calculation for each answer field to take the contract amount number and devide it for the amount i need.


What i would like to do is go to a Single Billing type (Which i currently have useing a Custom Value list) , A Single Contract amout Box (which i have as user inputed) and then have a single Billing Total Box which its answer is determinied by a calculation that looks at the Billing method and the contract amount  which would determine the approperate calculation and input it into the single Billing amount box.


Billing Type = Weekly               Contract amount = $5,200.00    Billing Total = $100.00

No matter what i try works , I would think it would be such a simple process but its driving me insane Yell.

 I Tried using a Nested Calculation But apperantly I have Absolutly no Good understanding on writing it cause it absolutly failed to work