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I have FileMaker, client has Access - will this work?

Question asked by Hominid4 on May 21, 2009
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I have FileMaker, client has Access - will this work?


Sorry for such a newbie question, I've been searching and reading through the forums but am confusing myself.  I've built intranet databases before but with using Access.


My client has an intranet database that was built a couple years back using Access.  They have 8 employees who all use Access to work with the database forms and such; their client logs and details, past project details, and so on.  They use the database to search through these files, and continue to use the forms to add new info daily.


I just bought FileMaker Pro 10 and am in the process of learning it and we are planning for me to rebuild and expand their current internal system.  The concern is if I build the database and forms in FileMaker will they be able to use their Access 2007 programs to work with the forms and such?