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I just can't figure out how to do it . . .

Question asked by RevMoose on Feb 4, 2010
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I just can't figure out how to do it . . .


I am trying to create a database for the church I pastor.


In the main table I have columns for Family Name, Head of House, Spouse, and six for "Child 1," "Child 2," etc., as well as address, city, state, etc.


Now, one of the things I am trying to do is to create a membership directory.  I created a layout that had a field for "Last Name" and a merge field for "Head of House" and "Spouse."  Both work beautifully.


Then, I set about trying gather the names of the children.


First of all, I tried a merge, using the names of each of the Child fields.  It worked, but as soon as it ran out of fields with anything in them, it then inserted illipses after the list of names,  Then I tried just inserting the fields in the report and sliding them.  No matter what I did, once there were empty fields, I ended up with varying sizes of blank lines before the next family.  


I am really frustrated, because I need this for a meeting on this next Tuesday.


Any ideas how I can do this.  I am sure there is a simple fix, I just haven't found it yet.


Thanks in advance for your help,


Sincerely, Dan M. Appel (RevMoose)