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I know what I want, but I don't know what it's called!

Question asked by amandawrigley on Oct 11, 2011
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I know what I want, but I don't know what it's called!


I am new to FileMaker Pro 11, with some experience (years ago) of building a similar database to the one I’m building now but in Access. Then I had a lot of tech support, so I just had to have a clear idea of what I wanted the system to do. Now I have no tech support and only dim memories of the terminology and functionality of things!

I have worked through the User Guide and the Tutorial, and neither seem to help me with the next stage of what I need to do. Look-up tables and portals looked promising initially, but I don’t think they are what I need.

I am building a database in which to record a particular type of television programme.

I have a bunch of tables with fields. So far so good. I’ve even built relationships between them in the Relationships tab in Manage Database. (Although some look one-to-many and I can’t find where to change that.)

The central form in the database is Productions, and this holds records on individual television programmes. In this form I need to have a field for Network, to indicate on which network the television programme was broadcast. I have a table for Network (fields: network_ID and network_name).

What I would like to happen is, when entering data in the network field in the Productions table, for a drop-down list to appear showing me the contents of the Network table, so that I can make a selection without typing out the whole entry. And if the network I want isn’t listed, I’d like a prompt to appear to ask me if I want to add a new entry into the Network table. This is what happened in the database I worked on before in Access: I’d select ‘Yes, I’d like to make a new entry in the Network table’ and I’d get a data entry form for Network; I’d fill it in and on hitting carriage return there would be a new entry in the Network table and this would appear in the field in the network field in Productions and I could move on to the next field.

Productions and Network should be many-to-many, so I’d also like to have the facility to record more than one network in Productions. I think this is called a combo box in Access. Also, if I delete a record in Network it should disappear in all instances where it occurs in Productions.

Perhaps this is a more complicated thing than I remember, but I’d be very grateful for at least some pointers as to what the terminology is for this kind of thing in FileMaker Pro 11!

Thank you for any help offered!