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I need a script plz

Question asked by lkn4atlantis on Jun 29, 2009
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I need a script plz


First off, I'm still new to FM and using FMP5.

Here's my situation. I have a template called Individual Customer, which gives me info about each customer; name, address, phone ect. I also want it to list the items they are renting. The list of possible rental items is approx 60, so i don't want it to list each item and then a 0 if they don't have any. (I do need it to list negative numbers tho). I have the information in a seperate FM file and also in the same FM file as the Individual Customer page. So, what script would I use to create a list that would only show what they are renting, and how many of that item. The file with the Indivudual Customer page is called "Customers Main" and the file with the list of the customers and what they are renting is called "totals".  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much - Amy