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    I need advice



      I need advice


      I have a client which is a not for profit organization with about 1000 members. For 10 years we have stored the members data i Filemaker. The group runs an annual conference with up to 1000 people attending and this data is also stored in Filemaker. A few years ago we had a developer create an online registration site for the conference and this has worked well. The data is downloaded to Filemaker through xml using an xls style sheet. The organization has now decided to take their whole organization online and has hired a web developer to design a modern interactive website. They seem to think that now they will not require any form of database management and that it will magically be taken care of by this new web solution. I am trying to convince them that they still should be interfacing with Filemaker and that I am willing to design a new database solution which will interface nicely with the new web site. They seem to be sending me the message that this will not be necessary. Am I way off track with this concern? I am not a savy web developer so maybe my concerns are not well placed.

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          Hello bogeyman,


          Well from what you are describing it seems that they will be needing a database, however depending on the web developers skills he could be creating a Dynamic database driven website, meaning there is a database already being integrated to the website which would replace your solution. In this case they are correct in not needing a filemaker solution, however, as a web designer myself I have known of and come accross "web designers" that are way over their heads, meaning many times they promise something they cannot deliver, many times the client does not realize this untill its too late and they are left looking for someone to fix their problem.


          So all in all maybe you should just suggest that they throughly go through some of his previouse work and assess if they have the right person for the job.