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    I need help and i've given up.



      I need help and i've given up.


      I have these 3 fields that my staff put frame numbers into for image sequences. Field 1 is the start frame of the child, field 2 is the End Frame of the child, field 3 is the use frame of that set. My staff sometimes write numbers that are not between those sequences numbers. I wanted to put a calculation that limits the "Use Frame" field to only numbers between the "Start Frame" & the "End Frame" field. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I AM BRAND NEW TO FILEMAKER I PICKED IT UP 2 MONTHS AGO.


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          Open Manage | Database | Fields

          Find the Use Frame field definition and double click it.

          Select the Validation tab and enter this validation calculation:

          ( Self > start Frame ) and ( Self < End Frame )

          Now, anytime your users enter a frame number that is outside this range, an error message will appear when the record is committed.