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I need help creating this custom function I found (please help!)

Question asked by rickgraham_1 on Oct 8, 2014
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I need help creating this custom function I found (please help!)


I want to create a script to convert weight measurements in recipes (layout) from US to metric or visa versa. I found this custom function with no instructions on how to implement it. It looks like it is correct but I can't figure out how to set it up. I'm very close, I have created a custom function before once but this one is  bit more difficult since it had absolutely no instructions with it. I get a message saying "the specified parameter can not be found" when I try to create a new function called "convert" and I paste this function in. can someone walk me through this? here is the web page with the custom formula (function) on it:


ideally I'd like to make a button that runs a script to convert all the measurements in a recipe in a layout from US to metric or the other way around if that's possible. At the very least if you can help me to create the custom function called "convert" using this formula that would be very helpful. Then I guess I can fool around with it and figure out a way to use it in a script or do one field at a time in the layout or whatever. PLease help me, this formula looks very useful if you can help me to set it up I'm sure you will also like to have it for your own toolkit. It sure looks promising...