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I need help On layouts with 2 tables

Question asked by noamrsf on Dec 6, 2009
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I need help On layouts with 2 tables


Hello there
I am pretty new to file maker(Not to databases). I have FMP10 .
I have 3 main tables created in 3 files(ORDERS,RESULTS,DMG). I have created relations between those tables.
I need to create a layout that one part of it updates one table and the other part of it is to be updated depending on a field's data.. for example:every order is related to a patient in the DMG file..
What I created is a layout for the order and a tab(in that layout) that I have put there fields from the dmg file..
but when i try to run it the fileds from the DMG files in the tab are in no edit status
My question is how can I turn them to be allow edit..(if someone can show an example that will be very helpful)
Thanx alot in advance