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I need help on solving a bit complicated solution....

Question asked by yuichim on Mar 22, 2011
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I need help on solving a bit complicated solution....


Hi all,  I am a bit stuck on this part for a while and don't seem to find a light....   I would really appreciate if anyone could brainstorm with me on this...
What I am working on is a solution for our customer service rep to be able to view a list of our clients and tell who is late on monthly submission.  For example, our product is an annual service and clients can renew each year. Also they submit a name each month and our customer service rep keep track of them.  
So basically our product is:

  • Annual service  ( every client is differrent on starting. ex: April, July, etc)
  • Clients submit a name each month for 12 month. (starting month depends on when they started the program)
  • Depending on program clients bought, they may have 2 to 10 names to submit each month.

My challenge is:  How can we make a system to show all related client's list who has not submitted a name yet this month.. and also to show how many month they have not submitted a name.  (ex:  now is March, and company A has submitted a name for December last, so in tern, company A is 3 month behind..)

I do have couple of table structure that I have created and would like to work it in...

I have:

  • Orders Table
  • OrderItems Table (keeps track on all the products ordered by a client)
  • Accounts Table

I hope I am being clear... and I know it is a bit confusing...

I think this is very close to something like an account system where a telephone company customer service rep can keep track of their custome's payments.    A telephone service is renewable every month, and we have to pay them each month.  Also depending on the options added to the service, we have extra charges  (ex: international calls, call waiting, etc)

Any help much appreciated.....