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    I need help please! ASAP!



      I need help please! ASAP!


      Can someone teach me how to create a Layout where can I make a New Record/Contact with Save & Cancel Button ?

      I want to make a Layout where I can enter a New Company and New Contacts.

      For Example:

      If I click the New Company Button, it will go to this layout.

      And If I press the SAVE Button, it will make a New Record/Company.

      If I press the CANCEL Button, it will go back to the previous record.

      The same with the New Contacts.



      Please help me! I'm new in Filemaker Pro.

      Thank you in advance.

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          Hi John, is there a reason why you cannot just make the "New Company" button make a New Record, this will give you a new record and you can enter the details?

          If you want to keep it separate than make a new table, call it "Temp New Contact" for example, make the table have same field names as the table you are using to store the details.

          When you click “New Company” use “Go to Layout” step that takes you to this temp table. Make sure this temp table has at least one record so you can enter the data.

          Once complete, and you want to save to the original table, make the “Save” button copy all the data, go to original table and paste the data into a new record.

          The Script for the “Save” button would look something like this:

          Set Variable [$$Company; Value: tablename::Company]

          Set Variable [$$Street; Value: tablename::Street]

          #keep making Set Variables for all field names


          Go to Layout [original layout]

          #this is where you have come from

          New Record/Request

          Set Field [tablename::Company; $$Company]

          Set Field [tablename::Street; $$Street]

          #again make up as may Set Fields that you need to paste all the details


          Set Variable is great, use it all the time, you can once the new record is done make the old temp table record details be reset to blank fields, this way when you go to make a new "company" record all fields are empty.