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i need help with filtering results

Question asked by eddieStallard on Sep 16, 2014
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i need help with filtering results


Hey everyone

        I'm doing an assessment for my High school I.T applications class and im having trouble getting a record filter working. So the brief is there is a restraunt owner who is trying to save time booking his head chefs, So his restraunts have 4 main food themes, Rice, Noodles, Fish and Sushi. each of the head chefs have 2 of these skills. So what im trying to do is when a booking is being made (in tblBooking) through a layout, when the Theme is selected from a drop down menu the next field (called Chef) will filter out the 6 chefs in tblChefs to only the chefs who have the right skill for that theme.

          Any and all help is much appreciated Thank you very much