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I need help with multiple lists on one layout

Question asked by RDDalbey on Mar 31, 2013
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I need help with multiple lists on one layout


     I am setting up a worksheet to enter sales orders.  My facility processes raw material into materials used in constructing finished wholesale goods.  We sale the processed materials and the finished goods to wholesale markets.

     I'm striving to a have a sales worksheet that uses filters to draw info from different tables and lists them in a window for selection,  The filters allow automatic filtering of the list, the more filters selected, the less the selection list.  When an item is selected from the list, than automatic entry into the Line-item portal/table of the sales order.

     I'm not getting the relationships to work through the different tabs.  Each tab referencing a different category of product, ie. a different table.  The fields do not show nor are they selectable in browse mode.