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I need help! Script to search database

Question asked by mnrk on Nov 27, 2012
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I need help! Script to search database & if record is found, to bring up a message, if not to start a new record? Please help!


     Hi guys & gals,


     I need some help with a perform find script, I want to type in a registration number of an aircraft (my brother is a plane spotter) and when I tab out of that field I want it to search the database to see if he'salready seen it, if so I want it to bring up a error box to say, You have already seen this aircraft, Would you like to 'Go to record' 'Enter a new record' OR cancel. 

     If you click 'go to record' it'll take you to that record

     if you click 'Add a new record' I want it to use that registration number and input it automaticly?

     Please can anyone help, I've been searching the internet for weeks trying to get this database sorted for my brother, I am no expert on databases and scripts and really could do with a little help?