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I need some serious help, and I'm a noob  :)

Question asked by GaryCurran on Oct 15, 2012
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I need some serious help, and I'm a noob  :)


     Gentlemen, Ladies,

     I am an electronics technician for a small company, and I play with computers for a hobby.  Unfortunately, I've also inherited most of the IT work since we are so small.  Database design is not on my resume, nor on my experience list.

     We have File Maker Pro 6, and it's dying.  A few years ago I looked at FMP 8 and 9, but there didn't seem to be any 'upgrade' path at the time without completely redoing the database, something we couldn't really afford then, nor now.  However, I see that FMP11 will open and convert a FMP6 file, and then FMP12 will convert the FMP11 files.  So, I've downloaded the trial version of FMP11, and did the conversion.

     My first couple of questions, and I'm sure there are going to be a whole lot more, deal with starting FMP.  I do not know how to tell, but I believe our Customers.fp5 file was the Master File in the old database.  This is the file I use to open FMP 11.  It is VERY slow to open, like minutes.  On top of that, it can not find the other related databases, such as the Preferences database or many others.  I have to go back and repeatedly point to them every single time I want to open the database.  I've even gone so far as to move everything to a new directory containing only the converted.fp7 files, and it still is having problems.

     I'm running Window 7 Home Premium with 8GB of RAM, 400+GB of hard drive space, and am up to date on my updates.  Response from the program is so slow that I often get the '(Not Responding)' indicator.

     If you can give me any help on this, I would greatly appreciate it.  I've been on some great forums that will bend over backwards to help people (I'm one of those people :) ) and I hope this will be one of those, too.

     Thank you in advance,