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I need to understand: 4 tier conditional drop down lists.

Question asked by tictoc on Jun 5, 2009
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I need to understand: 4 tier conditional drop down lists.


I've been trying to implement a set of 4 drop down field (menu) lists that depend on the previous fields selection to populate.  I have been looking at various posts from all over the internetz for a few days and have finally decided to post.  I can't seem to wrap my head around the various explainations so am hoping someone can use my information to help me understand.  I don't want to just plug something in that works without understanding it.  After all, I have to maintain this database, therefore, need to understand exactly how it works.  ;)


I have a single "Issue" table provided by a higher level DBA (pulled from another application whose categories I need to match).  The table lists "issue id's", "issue names", and their "parent id's", for a total of 3 columns.  Can I somehow use this table to create the 4 drop down lists I need or do I need to break it apart into 4 tables:  Category, Issue, Sub Issue and Reason?  (that's the verbage I want to use and how I want the heirarchy.) If I need to use the 4 table approach, I've already broken the data out, just need to know what relationships to set up and how to configure the value lists.  I'm pretty comfortable in the FMP GUI and know how to get to everything. 


Thank you in advance - this is really my last resort as I have really tried to find and implement answers on my own for days!