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I offer my service to translate Filemaker Pro to Portuguese! (gheesss)

Question asked by on Sep 28, 2012
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I offer my service to translate Filemaker Pro to Portuguese! (gheesss)


Seriously, I having more trouble and time spending, going around to make repeated functionalities to give a friendly filemaker solution in Portuguese. Wen I could use some native functionality's  if they where in Portuguese.

     This concern is not for me, Is for my client(s), most don't understand english or even worst, don't have many experience on computers also - so running kiosk mode on FM is super.

     Almost 2 years ago I opted to buy filemaker pro (currently I have the latest version - spending my pennies every time that a new version came out), so I could develop an in house customized business app to my small family business, also giving me the opportunity to work on solutions based on FM to other clients. So I opted to get FileMaker Pro Adv also.

     I came from developing web solutions on Asp.Net (C#) and SQLServer, so FM was a bit turn around. Some times I was about to quit, because there are king of workarounds that I could easily resolved developing a web app… sorry, true. 

     But still love this FM Pro and giving a deserved change.

     I don't know if there are here real people that work on Filemaker app itself reading this posts. I so, please, what you need to have a additional Portuguese localization? I offer to translate if needed! Just send me a list of the words you need to translate and I sent you back, then you could check and decide yourself.  Maybe a partial translation, example: GUI translation or the items that usualy a client see when in use wth the solution, interface buttons, client menus, error messages. Developing stuff could be in English, I think that is perfectly aceptable...

     If you ask here, I almost sure, that many of Portuguese community developers will offer to help the translate.



     Vitor Costa