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I really need some help!!!

Question asked by AndréFerreira on Dec 4, 2013
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I really need some help!!!


     I can't figured it out, no matter what... i need to set a relational value for a field and lock any entry for a specific value from the other field and both from the same table. In ex:

     I got a certain field in my employees database that is "sickness" with a button option with 2 values "yes" and "no". Then there's another field with "type of disease" with a sort of custom values like "depression", "diabetes", "epilepsy", etc.

     What i want to do is set the "type of disease" field to lock any entry if the value in field "sickness" is "no" and allow any value from the value list i created if the option selected in the field "sickness" is "yes".

     I know it must be piece of cake but i can't figured a way to do it.