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I suspect this is an extremely basic DB Relationship question, but...

Question asked by AMalyuchik on Mar 31, 2009
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I suspect this is an extremely basic DB Relationship question, but...


I suspect that if there are no stupid questions, then I guess I am a stupid person asking questions.


I am a pretty much the next step up from the person who have never seen a relational DB before.


After a few days of putting together this DB, I ended up with a database which technicaly two parts that work fine among themselves, but refuse to cross one stinking point and I can't seem to figure out how to connect them. I feel I most-likely am missing a table, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to formulate it so it gets the relationship going.


Short background:


1. I create books

2. Each book has a list of labs

   a. Each lab fits into one category

   b. Each lab can be a part of a specific Type of labs

3. Each Lab has a list of Materials.

   a. Each Material can fit into it's own category 

   b. Each Material can go into any or all of the four kits (Classroom, Presenter, Participant, Retail)

   c. Some of the Materials have to be shipped with refills.


Final objective is to select a book from the list and get 4 lists out to print so the warehouse can fulfill them.


What I get:


I can create a book line item where I get Lab names in each book.


And I can get the Materials Line Item where I can get the list of materials in each lab.


I can get a list showing me labs in each book. And I can get a list showing me materials in each lab with the quantities and types for each kit.


What I cannot get:


List of materials with quantities and types for each kit for each book. Basically I can't take the two working steps above and connect them together. It lies in one spot in the relationship diagram. I have outlined it in red. The working parts are outlined in green and orange.


Thank you for any info you guys can provide.


BTW. When I create layouts, it tells me that the tables are related, but it just doesn't show the information in the field in the list.




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