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I tried, I failed!  I need to COUNT how many times a person failed to attend.

Question asked by Stevehou on Oct 4, 2012
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I tried, I failed!  I need to COUNT how many times a person failed to attend.


     This is a post where I am admitting failure - a humble post. I was previously advised that a relationship could get my COUNT for me but I failed to get it to work.

     I have a "Youth" Table where one person can be scheduled for multiple and therefore any one youth can have several records in the "Youth" table, (one Youth record for each event he was scheduled for) and the youth could "Attend" or "No Show" for each of those events. Of all the other youth who are scheduled for events, I need to count how many times any one person did not attend. Simply stated, the Youth Table has the following fields:

Name: John

Unique Number: 19

Serial Number: 19-1, 19-2, 19-3 ( a unique serial number for each time John is scheduled)

Event Date: 8/1/2012, 9/1/2012, 10/1/2012 (Each event John was scheduled for)

Attendance status: Attended, No Show, No Show (John's attendance status for each event)

Count: (Reason for Question - Doesn't work) John had 2 no shows (per Attendance status)

     In my failed attempt I created a second table (Table 2) related by Unique Number which will count (by way of a summary field) the "No Show's" if I manually create a new record within it, and it will report the total back to (Table 1) but I can't get it to create a new record in Table 2 for each event that has a new status because Table 2 always relates to the first Unique Number in Table 1.

     I'm thinking this should be much easier than I'm making it but I have three weeks into it and am desperate. Any help would be much appreciated!!