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      You know, the one where:

      - You could see who replied to posts
      - You could see top posters and who replied last (sometimes I would log on just to see what people like philmodjunk and comment were doing. Now I can't even see their posts)
      - No Recent posts.  What is the point of that? So I don't have to scroll down 2 inches?  So I get to see less posts on a page?
      - Less unnecessary white space on posts.   The progression of posts was linear and made more sense.
      - You could mark favorite posts.

      The long and short is this forum format makes me feel like I am on a desert island.  I can't tell who's posting a lot, I have no idea who anybody is.

      What was so wrong with the old format that we had to have this one?  Who's with me?

      PS: I'm not trying to cause riots, I'm just trying to get back the sense of community that's been lost here.

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          Yes, I would like that too...as a filemaker beginner I have enough stress learning the program, this unfortunate forum format is very unfreindly..


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            If you search back through the Feedback forum, you'll find many posts of similar point of view. I'm not disagreeing with you, but do want to respond to a couple of points.

            No Recent posts.  What is the point of that?

            Recent posts isn't perfect, but it's the closest modman has been able to come up with to give you a list where you can spot which threads have not been accessed by you. Yes, they added a boldface indicator for unread posts in the main list, but's not perfect so I believe he's keeping the Recent Items list in place until the Right Now folks fix some of the bugs involved. As it is, older posts originating from a few months back don't get included in the recent items list and aren't listed in bold face in the lower list when someone replies to them like they should. Unfortunately, the one way to spot them is to look for items near the top of the main list that aren't in Recent items. Undecided

            You could mark favorite posts.

            That is something you can do with this forum. If you look at the top of this thread, you'll see a link titled "Add to favorites" and a link next to your inbox titled "favorites". So you can add favorite threads to a personal list for fairly easy access.