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    I want to output to a html file



      I want to output to a html file


      I would like to inbed fields into a html file I have written the HTML and set up the merge fields into the script. I better explain what i'm trying to do.

      I'm trying to create a news round up email. the header changes depending on client but essentualy so far I have a layout with header (for now but this will need to change to a sub summury so that I can individulise the header for diferent clients). A sub sumery with the news, (title, date, first paragraph and url to the related article) and finaly a footer.

      So over a week any news we see that might be relevent to a client we add to the data base at the end of the week we can run a report and I can save that as an HTML file

      Is this possible? 

      I have attached a screan shot of the layout


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          Define a table with two text fields: ImportHTML, ExportHTML. Link it in a relationship to the table where your data is stored Such that it matches to the record where your data is stored. You might add a global date field that matches to the NewsDate field, for example.

          Set up an auto-Enter calculation for ExportHTML similar to this:

          Substitute ( ImportHTML ; ["<<NewsTitle>>" ; YourTable::NewTitle] ; ["<<NewsDate>>" ; YourTable::NewsDate] //add substitution criteria like this for every field referenced in the HTML file)

          Select the date in your global field first, then use Import Records to import your HTML file data into your table with the auto-entry options enabled. Then export your data from ExportHTML back out as a new HTML File.

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            cool I'll try that