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I want to see records modified yesterday

Question asked by emaven on Mar 4, 2013
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I want to see records modified yesterday


     I want to see records that were entered yesterday. 

     I have several different tables and use only one of them for this purpose. 

     I followed the directions from here and added a few more steps of my own, but it doesn't quite work.

     The problem is with this statement:  Set field [Yourtable::yourdatefield, Get(currentdate) - 1]

     yourdatefield has the correct field name, but when I run the script, it uses another field in which to insert the date. At this point I get the message no records match. If I choose modify find, and manually cut the date from the wrong field, and paste it into the correct field, the find does work. 

     I have put the correct name into the script by picking it from a list in the correct table. But I can't figure out why it it does not use it when run.