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I'm being asked for a file that FM cannot locate

Question asked by fmchris on Jun 12, 2011
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I'm being asked for a file that FM cannot locate


I upgraded my databases from FMP6 to FMP10. These included a pair of related files, "Charts" and "Charts (Old)". FMP6 would open Charts without demur, but FMP10 tells me "FM cannot locate 'Charts (Old)' " and presents me with an Open dialogue. I navigate to where Charts (Old).fp7 is, and everything is fine from then on. But why is FMP10 unable to find the related file?

Background information :

1. The FMP6 files are now called "Charts Old" and "Charts (Old) Old". Confusing, or what!

2. If there is a matching record on both Charts and Charts (Old), a sequence number from Charts (Old) is displayed in one Charts layout. That's all Charts (Old) is needed for.

3. The relationship between the two files is still there, but because of the difference in the way FMP6 and FMP10 operate, it's not possible to see if things are EXACTLY the same as they were. The relationship name is still the same, and the same scripts are being executed behind the relevant buttons.

4. I can open Charts (Old).fp7 on its own without problem. But even if it's already open, FMP10 still doesn't seem to be able to find it when I open Charts.