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I'm in a mess with dates

Question asked by fmchris on Nov 24, 2012
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I'm in a mess with dates



     I decided to do a Find of a range of dates, then create a Script for it. However, any way I tried to find dates in the range 1/2/2012...31/12/2015 either returned ALL records or NONE. Baffled, I could see nothing wrong, so in the end I decided to do a Sort by date. The result was somewhat zany! I got a 3-date sort - 1. from earliest to 2010  2. 2012  3. 2011. I couldn't fathom this at all, then looking closer, I realised what has happened...

     I have a database of dates in mixed US (grrrrr, "illogical, Jim") and UK formats. That throws Find and Sort into total confusion. I know why it happened, but that's a long story. What I want to know for now - how do I resolve it? Ideally I would like to have all dates in the perfectly logical UK & worldwide format (DD/MM/YYYY), but until that happy day I would like at least for Find and Sort to work properly so I can have a Script for all records modified on or after 1st February 2012.

     Any thoughts? (FMP10 running in 10.5.8 on a G4 PB).