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    I'm lost!



      I'm lost!


           So I've been attempting to do something with FMPro for a while now and I keep coming back to it so my mind is fresh.  But I'm all out of ideas.  I have a feeling it might be easier than I think.  Here is what I need:

           Basically I have a set of about 30 or 40 queries.  I use these queries to get a total number of records.  So, for example, I have a query that shows me how many pieces of widget x I have in stock, or another is how many pieces of widget x had a manufacture date between two dates.  So I run these queries and then of course I see the number of records on top.  But what I'd like to do is consolidate all these queries into a report or a layout that I can click on and see the totals of the queries in one sheet.  I've tried everything I can think of.  This has been going on and off for about 6 months so I decided to get some help.  Does anyone know how I can do this?  Thanks!!

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               I feel you pain, and have been to this forum many times for help.  I had a similar situation but as a newbie, the solution was very involved. Please provide a little more information.  Basically you said you tried 'everything I can think of'.  Exactly what have your tried?

               Heres a link to my post, which I received great help from Phil.  But because my situation only requires me to do a full inventory order/once or twice a year, I found it easier to export everything to an Excel Spreadsheet and handle it that way.

          Inventory Report/Order

               But provide more info, and I'm sure some of the well qualified people will help.

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                 Basically I cannot find a way to get find totals into a report.. I have about 30-40 queries based on specific criteria.  I would like to get the total number of records found in that query into a grouped report.  So I would have a report with 40 query titles and the total count found next to each one.  I have tried creating fields that have those queries inside them but that didn't work.  I have tried using the summary report writer and that didn't work.  I don't think I'm approaching this in the correct way.  I'm so stuck right now I don't even know if FM can do this.  

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                   Microsoft access works with queries. Filemaker is a little different.

                   But you still haven't really told us what it is you are trying to achieve.

                   You can use subsummary reports with summary fields to get totals and sub totals.

                   You can use find requests to find date ranges or to limit your data in another way.

                   You can use portals and relationships to display data that's limited or restricted in one way or another.

                   I have just made an entire report for my company that shows all kinds of totals and summaries using loads of relationships.

                   But it all depends on what you are trying to create. So for now this is about all the advice I can give you.

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                     What I'm trying to achieve is a report based on Finds.  In other words, I have about 40 Finds.  The sole purpose of these Finds is to give me a number. That number is the number of records found.  Here is an example:  A find that I have tells me how many widgets have a manufacturing date between 1/1/2000 and 1/1/2002.  Let's say it finds 25 records.  I want that count (25) to appear on a report along with the 39 other Finds I have.  Does that make sense?

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                       It's possible that a summary report will produce what you want. Summary reports use summary fields to compute and display both totals and subtotals. The basic outline is that you design your layout for the type of grouping and totals that you need, then perform a find for the needed records and sort them into the needed order. (There's your query.)

                       Here's a tutorial thread on the concept: Creating Filemaker Pro summary reports--Tutorial