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I'm missing something about relationships...

Question asked by OpenOfficer on Aug 10, 2009
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I'm missing something about relationships...


...of the Filemaker kind. A simple example:


So you have a table. Each record has a field, category_id, that expects a number between 1 and 20.


A second table (categories) has 20 records with 2 fields: id_number and category_name. You relate the category_id in the first table to the id_number field in the second table.


You create a layout with a popup that displays the category_names from the second table. All this works beautifully so far.


Now you go to browse mode and you change the category on one of the records. You are expecting Filemaker to take the id_number in the record with the new category_name and put it in the category_id field in the first table. Instead, it changes the category_name for that id_number in the second table. 


Is this how related fields are supposed to work? I was expecting a little more magic than this.


Obviously I could just use the second table as the source for the drop-down list and store the category names in the first table, but then we're not talking about a relational database anymore. This is a simple example, but I want is to understand how you coax the functionality of a relational database out of Filemaker.