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    I'm really new to all this



      I'm really new to all this


      I have installed FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced on my PC and populated a database with inventory items.  So far all is well.  Now I have been told that I must make the database accessible to others on our LAN who are running the same software.  When I launch the application, I get a message that "FileMaker cannot share a file because Filemaker Network sharing is turned off".  So .... how do you turn it on? 

      The documentation says to go to the File menu, and go to Sharing.  There is no such option on my screen.  So, I hope someone can help me because this program is useless to us otherwise.

      Thanks in advance.

      Marty Franek


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          You have the database open and the containing window has  FILE  EDIT  etc
          You are the only one opening the file, the file is on your computer?
          You have the rights to modify the database?

          To enable a file for FileMaker Network sharing:
          Open the FileMaker Pro file.
          Note  To enable or change a file’s sharing status, you must open it with an account that has Manage Extended Privileges access privileges. Users do not need to have Manage Extended Privileges access privilege to become the host of a database, but must have these access privileges to change the sharing status of a file. See About accounts, privilege sets, and extended privileges for more information.
          Choose File menu > Sharing > FileMaker Network.
          In the FileMaker Network Settings dialog box, set Network Sharing to On.
          Once sharing is enabled for a file, the first user to open the file becomes that file’s host.
          Select the file(s) to be hosted from the list of Currently open files.
          For Network access to the file, choose an option.
          All users provides access to all FileMaker Pro users on your network.
          Specify users by privilege set limits network access to users based on their privilege set.
          No users prevents any access via FileMaker networking.
          Click OK.
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            That menu option should be there. See the attached screen shot. The only way I can think of that would remove this option is if you have a custom menu installed that has specifically omitted this menu item--that seems unlikely for a "newbie" created database, but if it is, go to layout setup and change the installed menu set back to "Standard FileMaker Menus".

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              Thanks you davidanders and PhilModJunk;

              As it turned out, the default menu was "User" instead of "Standard".  Once I changed that in Custom Menus, it showed up and I was able to enable Network Sharing in FileMaker Pro 12, exactly as davidanders specified, which is also in their documentation.