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I'm sure its trivial, but...

Question asked by JohnBrookes on Apr 18, 2012
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I'm sure its trivial, but...


OK, I have a table with fields:


Each student will have grades in several subjects.  I want to look at performance in one subject against another for the whole class.  So for example I want to find all students who have done physics and economics, and I want my output to be:

Student Number Subject1 Grade 1 Subject2 Grade2.



3456Physics98Economics 72

So I've got a solution that sort of works.  I make a copy of the file, and then make a layout based on the original file with the fields Student_Number SubjectGrade from the original file and fields  Subject2Grade2 from the copy.  Then I do a find on Subject and Subject2, and sure enough I get all the students doing Subject and Subject2.  But the subject that is actually displayed in Subject2 is not the one I searched on in that field.  It is simply the first subject entry for that student.

Ultimately, I just want the output to be an excel file with Grade1 and Grade2 columns.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.