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I'm The Duke Of Wales

Question asked by ChrisAustin on Jul 8, 2010
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I'm The Duke Of Wales


Hi. Been asked to set up a database system for a company which shows products, customers....and a relationship between the two where it shows which customers buy which products. I want this database to be accessed by everyone in the office (around 15 people) and everyone in the China office (around 5)....I also want all the databases to be synced....and I also see (in the future) using some of the fields of the products database on the website...(which I would also like to be synced with the database)....Also I want everyone (i've got two or three mac users and the rest pc users) to be able to access the database from their own work place.

So my questions are: is Filemaker Pro up to the job? (please be honest and not biased) and if so would I need FM Server and bento? Also with regard to publishing the database to the web....I have PHP knowledge....would this be used?

Thank You Very Much...All Help Much Appreciated.