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iCal integration with Filemaker Pro?

Question asked by moondoggie on Feb 25, 2010
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iCal integration with Filemaker Pro?


Mac Mini

OS 10.5.8

Bento Trial 3.0.3

FileMaker Pro 10 Trial - expired

FileMaker Pro 7 


I am a beginning DB admin with experience in Web Design. 


I am trying to set up a report from iCal to tally total hours worked for the fiscal year.  I need to run it for the current and pervious years. The users book their hours on their iCal calendar.  They express "worked" in various ways in Title, Location and Notes. 

Bento is the perfect thing for this, except it is limited to eleven (11) criteria for the Find (filtering of records).  I use up 11 criteria pretty quickly.  So now I am examining FileMaker Pro to see if that will give me the criteria I need.


From what I read - FileMaker does not interface with the iCal Library.  There is some sort of pass through you can do, but if Bento is used I am concerned I will still hit this criteria bottleneck.




I have an older version of FileMaker Pro (7).  I am using the Trial version of Bento.  I tried the FMP10 earlier so trying it in FMP10 is not an option.