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ID a single letter in a field  for calculation

Question asked by David_DMD on Jul 21, 2012
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ID a single letter in a field  for calculation


I have a field called Sales codes. It has a drop down list consisting of four letters each defining a type of sale. they are M for a manufactured item, P for a purchased part, F for Field service and E for Equipment thats used not new. Each of these would represent a different commission percentage paid to the sales person. What I don't know how to do is; In a calculation, using an if statement or whatever type of statement, be able to id the idividual letters. The "P and E"will get the same % M is different and so is the F.      

I tried

If ( Sales Code = "P" or "E" ; Job Profit * .1 ; 0 )  no luck.

So how would I get my commission field to recongnize each individual letter?

I have FMP 11 advanced


Thanks for any help in advance,