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    ID Card Printer Not working with FMP V9



      ID Card Printer Not working with FMP V9


      Hey Y'all - I use my database to manage several hundred volunteers.  One feature I am having trouble with is a specific layout to print two sided ID badges.  When I had FMP V8.0 no problem - when they upgraded us to V 9.0 - no work no more.


      I can print to the card printer from Excel or Word - no problem.


      Any one else have this issue?


      XP Pro, SP3, Fargo DTC500 Printer, FMP V9.0 





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          Thank you for your post.


          When you say "no work no more", are you referring to printing in general?  Printing two-sided?  Printing incorrectly?  Not printing at all?  Are you selecting Print from the File menu or using a script?  Is this on Mac or Windows?


          Any additional information you can provide may be helpful in narrowing down the possible cause(s).



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            The program still prints fine on letter stock.  It is just trying to print a CR80 size ID card.

            With all the print parameters set for both side printing I can only get one side (a side) printed.


            I have been printing from the file menu. Worked perfect on V8.0, did not work on V8.5 or V9.0.



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              Thank you for the additional information.


              I do not have a Fargo DTC500 printer, so I cannot test this printer.  However, I am using FileMaker Pro 8.5 and FileMaker Pro 9 on Windows XP SP 3.  The printer that is closest to me is an HP LaserJet P3005x.


              I opened a database file, and created a small layout.  From the File menu, I selected Print Setup.  I selected the printserver for this printer and clicked Properties.  I changed the Paper size (tried with Envelope, Letter, and Legal), and selected PRint on both sides "Yes, flip over", and didn't touch any other settings.  I then went to Print, selected "Records being browsed", and left everything else as the default.  It printed two-sided without any problems.


              If you have "Print current record", then only one record (the current record) will print.  If you follow this up with another print request, it will print on a new page.


              Any other information you can provide to help me replicate the problem would be appreciated.



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