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    ID Card Printing



      ID Card Printing



      I have recently purchased a ID card printer and been told FileMaker is the best way to create template and print the cards.

      I am quite new to FileMaker and was wondering if someone could help me through the process (i.e. how to create the template etc).

      Thank you!

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          This printer prints one ID Card at a time?

          When you go to printer setup (may be called page setup) do you have a page size that matches the size of your ID card? (Should be the distance from the top of one card to the top of the next card.)

          Have you tried creating a database with fields for the data you intend to print on the ID Card?

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            I did this.  Really impressed my boss that we had the system up and running on the card printer--under an hour.  

            You will need a database that has all of the fields of info that you will be printing on the card.

            Under Page Set up, Format For set to CardPrinter.  Create a layout sized the same as your card size.  I deleted the header/footer keeping only the Body part.

            Place the fields where you need them to be on the card, in the font size that work best.