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Idea for a form

Question asked by zayscott on Feb 11, 2011
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Idea for a form


I need to create a form that looks like the screen shot. I tried doing it as a to do list form, but that did not work. I guess I need some ideas on how to design ideas. I work for a real estate company and when a new agent arrives or leaves, there are a series of tasks that different people need to do to either in or out process the person. Well some tasks are being forgotten, or some are confused on who does what. So I am trying to device a method to make it easier to keep track or things. The screen shot is of an excel sheet I was trying it on. Excel would be good, but that would mean that we would have to wait on each other to make their entries, then close the excel sheet before another person can make their entries. I also want to make this available via the web (php publishing). So, with all this being said, I am open to ideas of a design or form type. Because each new record entry only creates a new line, rather than a new "sheet" (One agent per sheet), not sure if FM is the way to go. I also inserted what my current attempt in FM looks like.

my attempt in excel

FM Attempt