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Ideas for Implementation

Question asked by BryanN on Jul 11, 2013
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Ideas for Implementation


     Currently running a db that includes things like work orders, purchase orders, quotes, etc along with the associated customers or vendors.


     Looking at implementing a table for test reports (that have a relationship to the work order -> customers.  I've thought about 2 ways of implementing and was curious as to whether one way or another was better:


  1.           Creating one table that would house fields for all types of reports.  When the user goes to generate a new report, they will get a pop up asking what work order ID and type of report to generate.  At that point, the report layout will only feature fields appropriate to that report type based on the user's input.
  3.           Create a table for each type of report and their relevant fields as well as their associated layouts
  5.           Creating a separate file for the test reports and linking them to the durrent data file and create tables using either method 1 or 2

     Any suggestions?