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    Ideas For New Solution



      Ideas For New Solution


      I'm about to start working on a new solution to be used within my workplace. Just wanted to get some ideas on the best way to tackle the problem at hand.

      We have numerous processes that currently have a printed set of instructions and tools for each task. I'm going to try and gather the information in filemaker so the information can be viewed and edited on the iPad using FM Go.

      I have the structure of the database, I just need some help with distributing the solution. Ideally the solution would be running on FM Server with the users accessing it through FM Go. The user would find the process they reuqire instructions for and if possible, save it so it can be viewed offline. They would then run through the process making ammendments if required and once complete, upload it to update the process. Each process could go through numerous revisions over time and I'd like to keep every version available.


      Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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          Why would they need to save it off line and then upload the revised copy? This opens a major complication for handling situations where two or more users try to update the same record at the same time. If they can generate a revision directly in the stored database, this becomes much easier to manage.

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             there might not always be an active internet connection when the instructions are being carried out/ammended
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              Yet it must be accessible at the time you download. Do you plan to load the entire file onto the iOS device or just selected records?

              If you can "check out" records to given users by changing a status field in the hosted file, you can prohibit users from downloading and modifying data "checked out" by a different user until the first user uploads the updated information back to the server or releases the "lock".

              None of this uses built in features--you have to design and implement your own system of scripts or implement someone else's synch solution. You may want to review this topic in the FM Go forum--it's been discussed a number of times and I believe at least one third party source is offering a "synch" tool to use with FileMaker GO...

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                Thanks for your reply It would just be selected records loaded on to the Iowa device. I'll have a look at the go forum Thanks again